Rings of Change by Frank O’Randle in Red Heart Soft Deep Sea

I finished this huge blanket in just under 6 months. Three things allowed me to finish it that quickly: 1. a lot of plane and car rides when it was a manageable size 2. my work slows down considerably during the holidays and 3. my husband and I were sick for almost a month, and I was trapped in the house and supposed to rest.


To give you a sense of the scale: my dog is 50 lbs; I ran out of floor space pinning in this room; my biggest tote bag shredded under the stress of carrying this around; and it completely covers my couch.


I did my best to get an aerial shot, but I could barely get the whole thing in frame with my camera pressed against my ceiling and could not get even light across the entire room. (I tried using all of my floor lamps to light the room at night, too. No luck.)


After probably 30 minutes of pinning, I gave up on getting it perfectly circular. I only had to pin it because my tension was too tight for the last row or so, and it was curling up around the edges. And even so, like the Lost in Time shawl, I really only pinned it to get a picture.


I really enjoyed all of the different stitches included in this pattern. The only ones I found incredibly tedious were the scale stitches, but I knew that I would feel that way after the Dragon Egg Dice Bags. I took a two week break after finishing those. There were no pictures included in the pattern, so you could probably find a row or two that I did incorrectly. However, every time I doubted the pattern and tried to deviate, it turned out that I was just reading it incorrectly. There are a couple stitches from the second to last row that I had to add in the last row. I might go back and fix them at some point, but I so badly wanted to be done.


It’s gorgeous. I love it. I might consider doing a blanket again …next year. For the last 5 rows or so, I was just day dreaming about other, smaller projects. I knew if I put it down, it would be a long time before I came back to finish it.


I used this bullet journal tracker to mark my progress. I didn’t read far enough into the pattern when I made it – 51 through 54 had an “a” and a “b” row (for the dragon scales), so I split those circles in half to keep track. I also added a row 112 that doesn’t exist, but that just gave me an extra circle to color in. 🙂 You can also visit my Ravelry project page.


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