Dragon Egg Dice Bag in Lion Brand Heartland


My husband and I enjoy playing D&D, and enjoy teaching people to play D&D. We’re often supply everything players need to play, including dice. Which is how we ended up buying a pound of dice off of Amazon.


I had some yarn left over from a project, and the Dragon Egg Dice Bag pattern sitting in my Ravelry library. So I adapted it to fit a pound of dice and made a regular one for my personal set of dice.


 These had been used for months before I got around to taking photos. I haven’t lost a die, yet. I think despite the pilling, the Heartland yarn worked well. I like the slight variegation – it gives the scales depth.


Plus, they look much better sitting on my bookshelf next to the D&D books than the original plastic bag.


I used this same scale stitch in the Rings of Change blanket I posted about a few weeks ago. This is a stitch I would only use for small projects or small sections of projects. The finished object always looks great, but I get so impatient with it.

You can visit my Ravelry project page here.


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