I call it a craft wedding because in addition to it being DIY, it was also craft beer themed. There are few things better than when several DIY projects come together for one event. In this case, the event happened to be my wedding, which made it even nearer and dearer to my heart than usual and I got photos of all of my projects by the super talented Jessica Williams. I love doing DIY for events, but if you’re considering having a DIY wedding, I have three pieces of advice.

  1. DIY another party first, so that you can get an idea of what making a few hundred of something feels like.

Copyright 2017  Jessica Williams Studio

I printed all of our save the dates, invitations, programs, escort cards, hashtag cards, and chair tags on my home printer. I got the Save the Date from a now defunct Etsy store and based the invitations and programs off of them. The one thing I didn’t do was use stamps. After making coasters and favors for our engagement party and cards for my bridesmaids, I realized that the process is far to imprecise for me. I threw away more rejects than pieces I ended up using.

The program is one of my favorite keepsakes. How could I pass up the opportunity to call Pepper the Best Dog? She was a pretty great ring bearer. She has multiple scrapbook pages dedicated to her.

The escort card front side was an affordable template from xoBSpoke. Instead of table numbers, I used brewery names, so the logo of each brewery was printed on the back. They were tied onto tree kits with twine. It was time consuming, but when my seating chart changed a week before the wedding, I didn’t have to pay for a rush print order.

The tree kits were my husband’s idea. Our wedding was on Earth Day, so we couldn’t think of anything more perfect than giving every guest a tree to plant. I had planned on writing out a seating chart on a large, gold-framed mirror, but decided last minute that transporting it to the venue wasn’t worth it. It was then that we chose to do escort cards attached to favors. We got these from Forest Nation, who printed custom labels for them.

Copyright 2017  Jessica Williams Studio

For the guest book and card holder, I upcycled old globes that I got off of Ebay. I also made a few chalkboard signs that we still use today. The guest globe sits on my desk. The card holder globe was destroyed getting the cards out.

I painted the guest globe with Martha Stewart acrylic paint, and we used a box cutter and gold washi tape for the card holder. I sealed the guest globe before and after the wedding with Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating.

Copyright 2017  Jessica Williams Studio

2. Don’t buy any tools for an event that you won’t continue using. Luckily, most leftover supplies can be used for projects long after the event.

For these chair tags, I bought a crop-a-dile – a tool for adding grommets. I haven’t used it again so far, but it was less than $20. Also, I understand it’s useful for costuming, which I will be doing more of soon.

Copyright 2017  Jessica Williams Studio

At one point, I was going to make teacup candles for all of our tables. Luckily, I got the candle making supplies for Christmas, because I only ended up making one. I did decoupage the brewery labels onto beer bottles for each table. That only took me a couple days (including drying time).

Copyright 2017  Jessica Williams Studio At one point, I thought I was going to provide all of the bottles and teacups for the table centerpieces through antiquing, online shopping, and drinking a lot of beer. Luckily, our amazing florist, Robin, provided most of them when I ran out of time. We were trying our best to cut down on wedding waste from our Earth Day wedding, so we donated the bottles of flowers to a nursing home after we were done with them.

I made my husband’s day of cufflinks as my present to him. I got the set off of Amazon, and it was easy to print the little whale pictures to go inside.

The only pre-made, whale cake toppers I could find were $80, so I bought some Sculpey off of Amazon and whipped these up. Sculpting is clearly not my forte, but I still have them, and lots of extra Sculpey!

Copyright 2017  Jessica Williams Studio

I also bought little lights and elastic because I thought I might put them in the underskirt of my dress, but ended up scrapping that idea due to time constraints. I used the lights in jute orbs and on my mantle months after the wedding, and the elastic has come in handy for sewing projects. I also bought these shoes that I can wear every day. Which leads me to my final piece of advice:

3. Know when buying something pre-made (or handmade by someone else) is worth the time and stress it will save you.

Copyright 2017  Jessica Williams Studio

I got these boxes used to store, transport, and display the tree kits from Michaels. I walked in to the store that day planning on getting unstained cheap wooden boxes that I would decorate, and walked out with one less project on my plate. I still use them for storing pictures and mementos.

Copyright 2017  Jessica Williams Studio

I asked the florist to make Pepper a flower collar, and after discussing our options, she recommended I buy one off of Etsy. There are plenty of tutorials on how to make collars, crowns, and headbands like these, but I had made wreathes before and wanted something I knew would hold up the whole day. I ended up going with Cupid Collars and got a long lasting piece that would easily attach to her regular collar.

Etsy and Amazon are where I got anything a vendor didn’t provide. My clutch, robe, hairpiece, bridesmaid gift bags, and cards for my groom and our parents all came from Etsy. I got all of the paper, envelopes, bridesmaids robes and gifts off of Amazon. We got our stamps off of Zazzle, and I even designed the set for the invitations with a silhouette of our dog and our initials.

I actually started bullet journalling because I needed an organizational system that could keep up with the chaos of wedding planning.


I have several wedding spreads that run the gamut from just fun to utilitarian. Leave a comment if you’d like to see packing spreads.


I even made a name change spread for after the wedding! I only have my passport left.

Copyright 2017  Jessica Williams Studio

My engagement was a year and a half, I took a semester of college courses in graphic design, and I enjoy doing craft projects for events on a regular basis. A DIY wedding isn’t for everyone, but seeing how well this wedding came together was a huge confidence boost for me.

Copyright 2017  Jessica Williams Studio

Leave a comment if you’d like to see more DIY projects like these. I left out a few projects like the hashtag cards and the kits I used to ask my friends to be my bridesmaids because I didn’t have any pictures of them by the fabulous Jessica Williams. I’ve done a DIY baby shower and bake a lot for things like that, too!


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