The 2018 flu season was rough on everyone. I had the misfortune of having a sinus infection around Christmas. It cleared up around the time my husband got the flu, and despite our precautions, I had the flu right after him. This meant a lot of time inside our apartment recovering. Idle time is not a strong suit of mine – I need something to do with my hands. A few careless mistakes on the Rings of Change blanket resulted in a lot of frogging… and I knew I had to start a fun, small project to keep me in bed and resting.


Ram by Vanessa Mooncie to the rescue. You can visit my Ravelry project page here.


My brother in law had asked for a trophy head, and I had been putting off designing the pattern. I was purchasing a book called Crochet Ever After by Brenda K.B. Anderson (one of my #2018makenine projects) and Vanessa Mooncie’s book popped up in my suggestions! It was such a fun pattern to make.


There were a few techniques, like the shaping of the back of the head and neck, that I hadn’t encountered before, but I was able to figure them out without too much difficulty. The specific size of the round board the pattern suggested for the back was difficult to find, but a slightly smaller size worked fine. Overall, I loved the finished project and working on this piece. The mane itself was a bit tedious, but it was just enough to keep my mind busy while I was recovering.


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