The 2018 flu season was rough on everyone. I had the misfortune of having a sinus infection around Christmas. It cleared up around the time my husband got the flu, and despite our precautions, I had the flu right after him. This meant a lot of time inside our apartment recovering. Idle time is not a strong suit of mine – I need something to do with my hands. A few careless mistakes on the Rings of Change blanket resulted in a lot of frogging… and I knew I had to start a fun, small project to keep me in bed and resting.


Ram by Vanessa Mooncie to the rescue.


My brother in law had asked for a trophy head, and I had been putting off designing the pattern. I was purchasing a book called Crochet Ever After by Brenda K.B. Anderson (one of my #2018makenine projects) and Vanessa Mooncie’s book popped up in my suggestions! It was such a fun pattern to make.


There were a few techniques, like the shaping of the back of the head and neck, that I hadn’t encountered before, but I was able to figure them out without too much difficulty. The specific size of the round board the pattern suggested for the back was difficult to find, but a slightly smaller size worked fine. Overall, I loved the finished project and working on this piece. The mane itself was a bit tedious, but it was just enough to keep my mind busy while I was recovering.


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