I can’t rave enough about the Bullet Journal system. It quiets that voice in my head that continually asks “what am I forgetting?” All of my lists (or “collections” in bujo terms) are in one place now! It’s a lot of lists. I hecking love lists.

I’ve had a collection of crochet projects in my journal since the very first one. When I sit down to relax, I have trouble remembering which of the many possible projects I wanted to focus on. If I can’t find something quickly, I often end up doing productive things instead and overextending myself. Like the in between show slump, the in between project slump can be an issue!


More recently, I started using pattern trackers as well. I’ve posted my trackers for the Inmost Cardigan,




and Rings of Change.


I even had older, simpler trackers for the Lost in Time Shawl,ย and the Wie Gemalt pattern (another #2018makenine project).


I don’t always use trackers for small projects, unless they’re difficult or I know I’ll be putting the project down and picking it back up for a long time. For larger and more difficult patterns, they’re indispensable. I used to have a tiny, disorganized notebook in my crochet bag to keep track of where I left off. I also spent a lot of time impatiently counting rows to see how much more I had to go. Now, I can do all that in a fun, organized, and colorful way!



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