One of my costumes for Dragoncon 2017 was Star Butterfly. My husband graciously agreed to be Marco.


After weeks of frantic sewing, my only advice for the dress is don’t do what I did. I hear patterns and measuring are really helpful! The skirt hearts are regular old craft foam and embroidery floss. The face hearts were lipstick, and the shoe puffs were fabric hot glued on. The crown was craft foam hot glued to a metal headband with some rhinestones and gold acrylic paint.

For the wand, I purchased a foam ball, sawed the front 3rd off, and dug a hole in the bottom for the wooden dowel rod. I hot glued the rod in and began coating the foam ball in wood glue to get it as smooth as possible. I was under the impression that you can sand wood glue, but I wasn’t able to. I suspect the grit on my sandpaper was too fine. I applied about 3 coats, letting each dry overnight. There were huge craters from shipping and the sawing that I was able to fill in, but I didn’t have the patience to get it perfectly round.

Next, I cut the circles and star out. It took a couple tries to get the craft foam cut and glued together in the 3D star shape. Once that was on the circles and the circles were on the foam ball, I began painting with acrylic paint. I added a couple of white base coats, and it took a few tries to get the correct purple once it had tried. I had a little trouble covering up pen mark on white craft foam with yellow and white paint. The grey paint on the wings looked really good, but was actually to hide pen marks too! Rookie mistake!

I added gold acrylic paint to 1/2 of the star point sides to give it some extra pop. The crown and wings were also craft foam. Once all the paint had dried, I used the wand to trace their design on paper to get the correct shape and size. The butterflies on either side of the wand handle and the circle and heart on the bottom were made fromΒ Apoxie Sculpt. It took an embarrassingly long time for me to get those done. 3D sculpting is never going to be my forte.


For my very first, made-completely-from-scratch cosplay, I’m pretty proud of it. After weeks of sewing and 3 days of seeing beautiful, expert cosplay, I was pretty harsh on myself about the quality. At the very least, it stayed together all day!

21230969_868065863352668_5629403310959030492_n (1)

There were lots of other Star Butterflys, but none in Princess garb. I was even able to get a photo with one and her fabulous wand!


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