This week I started Helen Shrimpton’s Cosmic CAL and boy has it been a journey. My husband, generous supporter of my yarn addiction that he is, purchased the Stylecraft Special DK pack in Harmony. You can visit my Ravelry project page here.

My apartment complex recently changed the way they do packages, and the yarn got lost in the overflow. We eventually hunted it down, but I started 2 days behind. I finished part 1 yesterday, the same day part 2 came out. Here’s hoping I can catch up this week and stay caught up!


It turns out I’ve been doing post stitches a much more difficult way for years. I was going through the post instead of around it. I hesitate to call this incorrect because they worked, and I have a few pieces with many many post stitches that look lovely. Nevertheless, I find them much less tedious now that I’m going around the posts…


There was a lot of talk in the Facebook group about the last row pictured here. The bead and puff stitches tormented quite a few people. The people using cotton yarn seemed to have more issues. Luckily for me, I made a friend’s daughter a baby blanket that was entirely puff stitches, and I’ve found them much less difficult ever since. Instead, I had the worst time getting the stitch count on those mustard rows correct. I must have frogged them 3 times or more. Something about the ruffle stitches was throwing me off.


It was pretty smooth sailing for these rows. Despite the fact that I attached the walnut (dark brown) going in the wrong direction. Can’t believe I didn’t notice that for two rows!


I love the effect of the folding scs (shown from the side below), but it is a pain to find the correct back loops! What followed was a ton of post stitches. Thankfully had few issues with those final rows.


I’m really loving this pattern. It’s challenging and unique, but there is a ton of instruction! In addition to the written pattern with multiple pictures for every row, there are Youtube videos available to walk you through every single step. Keep a lookout for part 2 next week!


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