Check out my Part 1 here. Check out Helen Shrimpton’s blog for the free pattern here. You can visit my Ravelry project page here.

In the post for Part 2, Helen asked us to share how crochet has helped us. Crochet has helped me in so many ways – self-worth, relaxing, etc. The most tangible way it has helped me is by solving the issue of having to wait around. Downtime during travel used to stress me out, but now I get excited for all the time I’ll have to work on my WIP!

What a week! I hate weaving in ends. I’m sure I need to sit down and look at my technique and find a better method. Until I get around to that, though, I’ll just continue stubbornly hating weaving in ends…


Most of the rows in part two had 4 ends… but I persevered!


I can see why every part of the pattern includes a warning not to block – the temptation to do whatever I can to get a better photo is strong. All the stitch counts are right, so the next few rows should straighten it out.

I am finally fully caught up, and Part 3 came out today. Thankfully there are only 3 more rounds with 4 ends! Soon, it will be a rectangle!


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