I finished Part 3 of the Cosmic CAL by Helen Shrimpton today (See Part 1 and Part 2). Part 4 came out hours ago, so there are probably already people waiting for Part 5! Maybe next week I’ll even pin it for a photo so that it doesn’t look quite so wonky… You can visit my Ravelry project page here.


This part was pretty straight forward. Only a few more rows had 4 ends, and then it was mostly double crochets… and Star Stitches.


 I think star stitches are one of the few time consuming stitches that are justified by the way they look when you’re done. You can see them here in “Lemon” aka light yellow. You start with a line of cluster stitches.


And then stitch into the “eye” to complete the star motif. It’s good that think they’re worth it, because I’m seeing another set of them in Part 4. Check back next week to see how that goes.

Per Helen’s post, here’s a picture of something that lights up my life:


She’s already donated enough fur to this project without me trying to get a picture of her with it.


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