I am a third of the way through part 5 of the Cosmic CAL by Helen Shrimpton today (See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4). The colorway is Harmony. You can visit my Ravely project page here.

The new pattern parts come out on Tuesdays. By Saturday morning, I was here:


By Saturday night, I had these frogged balls of yarn in front of me and boy, was I furious.


I had posted to the Facebook group for the CAL asking if it was noticeable that I had an extra treble crochet in every cluster in the last row completed (row 65). Someone pointed out I had missed a treble crochet in every (tr, picot-tr, tr) cluster in row 61. Knowing I had uniform extra stitches in one row and had fudged a couple double treble crochets in another row was fine. I couldn’t just leave three incorrect rows.

So I pulled out rows 61 – 65 and redid row 61 and 62. Then, before starting row 63 on Monday night, counted all of my sunbursts “just to be safe.” Turns out I had an extra cluster on one because I had added an extra ruffle back on row 60. A couple weeks ago, I saw Helen’s video on How to fix without frogging, and thought to myself “I’ll never be at a point where I’m willing to cut into my work!” Never say never…


I frogged row 62 again, frogged the very last sunburst of row 61, and took out the extra ruffle in row 60 via crochet surgery. Now the sunburst is right as rain! I’m very lucky it was at the end. I don’t know if I would have been willing to cut through three rows on my very first attempt at surgery…


So here I am today – finished with row 62 for the third time. Part 5 goes through row 66. Part 6 is row 67 to 75. I’m anticipating at least 12 hours of travel in the next week that will allow me to crochet, and each part is supposed to be about 8 hours of work. Challenge accepted!

Check back next week to see if I can catch back up.


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