I am halfway through part 7 of the Cosmic CAL by Helen Shrimpton today (See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 4.33). The colorway is Harmony. Part 8 came out yesterday. You can visit my Ravelry project page here.

In other news: I’m going to do one more run through of the hamster unicorn and moldy donut patterns inspired by Jester on Critical Role, so I hope to have those posted in the next few weeks! (For more D&D related content see last week’s 10 Tips for Beginner GMs and my post on Dragon Egg Dice Bags.)

The last time I posted about this blanket, I had almost finished part 5, and discovered too many mistakes. I ended up frogging a week’s worth of work, conducting some crochet surgery, and only managed to recover 1/3 of my work by the time part 6 came out. Here’s where I was on May 22nd:


In the past two weeks, I’ve managed to make a good bit of progress, but am still not caught up. I am amazed by the people making 2 or 3 of these in the time frame given to us. While I would love to beat myself up about not being caught up, I am trying to remember that blankets this size and intricate often take people 6 months, if not years, and I’m trying to do it 9 weeks.

Here’s where I made it to after the first 5 hour flight:


I expected more time to be able to work on it during my vacation, but there are worse things than having too much fun to be working on crafts. After a little bit of road trip time and another 5 hour flight back working on it, part 7 came out and I had 5.5 rows left in part 6. Here’s what that looked like:


A week and 9.5 rows later, and here I am:


I’m really learning where my perfectionism and impatience collide to frustrate me. I was willing to count every stitch for several rows, but I was not about to put 78 stitch markers in to make my life a little easier on that last row. The second to last row as 820 stitches. The last row has 375 “regular” stitches and 75 “special” stitches that are 5 trebles together and a chain to close. I’d like to call that  843 stitches rather than 453, but that’s just me. Here’s a shot of the full blanket for reference:


I’m excited to see the difference blocking makes. Also, I have been ignoring weaving in ends for the most part this past couple of weeks. I’m going to be very annoyed when the time comes to start doing that! My husband has been very supportive of me crocheting whenever possible. He’s happy with the colors he picked out, and he surprised me on vacation by taking me to a yarn store where I bought this amazing yarn bag!

No more toting my projects around in a sad old tote bag for me!

Check in next week to see if I’ve caught up, and stay tuned for those patterns!




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