You read that right! I caught up! Today I’m working on Part 9 of the Cosmic CAL by Helen Shrimpton (See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4Part 4.33, and Part 6.5). The colorway is Harmony. You can visit my Ravelry project page here.


The end is near! I don’t want to think about all the ends that are left to weave in – I’ve just been stitching as fast as I can.


I’m really happy with the way my Cosmic Stars came out. I had relatively few issues. I only had to frog a row once, and that was because I was working in the same row instead of the row before on one of the arms of the stitch several times. I also love the effect of the double treble crochets in the skipped stitches of the previous rows. If this sounds like gibberish, just watch Helen’s videos! I’ve never worked a pattern with so many helpful resources.


I did end up losing yarn chicken in that last row of mustard. I initially was going to add a section of the lighter yellow, but decided to go with half double crochets all around instead of double crochets.


You can tell how much longer the rows are getting by how few rows are in Part 8 compared to Part 4 or 5. I finished the last two rows of Part 7 and 3 rows of Part 8 on Sunday. I finished another 3 rows on Monday. The final row I finished on Tuesday – the same day Part 9 was published. I’m hoping to finish by Tuesday, 6/19/18, and am even taking it on another trip. This will be a well traveled blanket!

Check in next week for the final form (and hopefully before and after blocking pictures) and stay tuned for those patterns!




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