After an unplanned, 2.5-month hiatus, I’m back with all new crafts! Today’s post is the first of many about Dragoncon 2018. I had 8 different costumes – 7 of which were brand new. I learned a lot about how much costuming you can feasibly do in a weekend, and group photoshoots!

This year was my 2nd Dragoncon, and the first year we stayed in a host hotel. I’ve been making involved costumes for 3 years now, but this was the first time I felt like a Cosplayer. Mostly because people, even professional photographers, actually wanted photos of costumes I made myself!

I’ve always loved Halloween and dressing up, but the most I’d ever done before 2015 was make a tutu by tying tulle onto a ribbon. On Halloween 2015, my husband and I showed up at my friend’s house as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask:

I didn’t know how to put on a wig, but I had sewn my first garment! My friends, many of whom are experienced cosplayers themselves, encouraged me and advised me. In 2017, I went to my first Dragoncon with 3 costumes (1 of which I sewed myself) and my first handmade prop! You can read more about the Star Butterfly costume and prop here.

This year a group of friends wanted to do GLOW – the Netflix show. We nailed it.


I learned I know absolutely nothing about wrestling, and cannot make convincing mean or angry faces on cue. Good thing I chose Liberty Belle!


The coolest part was getting to do a photoshoot with the wrestling ring set up for an event later that night!

Photo credit: Emmie Rose

I even stole the crown from one of the Zoyas!

Photo credit: Uzoma Enyinnah

For the base of the costume, I bought a silver holographic body suit, Danskin ballet tights, and Show Shine Oxford Boots. I should either get tan or get the pink tights next time. It’ll probably be the pink tights…

Photo credit: GCF Photography (

For the vest, I modified a pattern from the New Look Sewing Pattern 6914 set. Sewing is so much easier with a dress form!! I still had some issues, but none that weren’t easily solved with fashion tape. If I’m being really honest, they all could have been solved by making the vest again, and treating this one as the pattern, but I was concerned about the time the skirt would take.

Photo credit: GCF Photography (

For the skirt I started with this fishtail skirt tutorial. For the length of skirt I wanted, I had to do some creative cutting because the tutorial assumed you had fabric wide enough for what you wanted. Then, using the red and white part I had already cut as a pattern, I cut a piece of blue. I sewed them both together, and used that as a pattern for the silver lining. The blue fabric was thinner, and hung differently, which annoyed me (and probably only me) to no end, which is why I have it turned in all the photos. I used a red stripe to make a waistband and added buttons (and my first button holes!).

Photo credit: GCF Photography (

The stars are all heat transfer vinyl I cut using my Cricut Air. I tried buying pre-cut ones and my options were very limited. I was particularly impressed with the Siser Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl. The only time the glitter came off was when I was wearing a backpack that literally rubbed it off as I walked. Also, there’s nothing holding them upright where they come off the skirt!

Photo credit: GCF Photography (

Talking about lessons learned this year – I need to make sure to get a picture of my makeup when I spend a lot of time working on it. If you can see around the glam fake eyelashes, you can kind of tell here that I used Too Faced Glitter Primer and MAKE UP FOR EVER Glitters in Blue 5 and Multicolored White. Had I done a makeup test beforehand (which I should have), I probably would have found a more silver glitter for the inner eye. The blue comes all the way out into a cat eye, and the red “war paint” extends both out to the sides and underneath the eye. For that, I used a brush and a discontinued Tarte Lip Sculptor lipstick. The lipstick on my lips is Kat Von D Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick Adora – if you’re not as pale as I am, I would go darker, but the sparkle was on point.

Photo credit: Atlanta Fashion Police

The hair I did two ways – sleeping in french braid pigtails and then using all the product and bobby pins I could find for volume vs. washing, drying, curling, and then some hairspray. With the first one I could not get enough volume and the second looked too styled but had all the volume. If I do this costume again, I’ll block out time to get the tiniest curls possible and read up on some 80s styling tips.

Stay tuned for Raven and Robin, Violet Evergarden, Usagi Tsukino, Wynonna Earp, Samantha Carter, Doctor Donna, and upgraded Kaylee!


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