More from Dragoncon 2018! These two costumes had so many pockets! They were perfect relaxed, comfortable costumes for con nights. Kaylee from Firefly was my first Dragoncon costume last year and is now my very first Glow Up!

For Kaylee, you can buy the patches as a set on Amazon. The coveralls (“US Air Force Style Military Camouflage Flight Suit Coveralls”) were an Amazon purchase as well. The wig is Arda Bucky CLASSIC in Light Brown. If I had brushed it out more, I think it would have been the right length. The boots are Bare Traps Callahan Bootie – I love them in and out of costume.


Kaylee 2017

This year I made significant improvements to the costume, including learning how to put on a wig!


Kaylee 2018

I ordered a cheap paper parasol off of Amazon and hand painted it using acrylics. The swirls aren’t exactly right, so I may make another attempt. As far as cosplay projects go, it was pretty quick and easy. It did take me multiple weeknights – I had to let it dry in between colors.


I also bought the oriental blue jacket, but this is the only photo of me wearing it. It is a nice, warm jacket, and I was at a con in Atlanta in August… My shirt is from Implexity Designs, and I was SO IMPRESSED. Not only is it probably the most comfortable shirt I own, but when I was grabbing reference screenshots, I saw just how close it is to one of Kaylee’s shirts in the show.


The flip flops are Yellow Box Women’s Flamengo Sandal off of Amazon. I looked at a LOT of flip flops, and these are the closest I got to the show. Hers have more heel and another strap (which I could add in the future).


There are always a ton of Kaylees at con, but this was my Sunday night costume, so I only ran into one other Kaylee while I was walking around. The wig is the same, and I styled it that night.

I did a lot of work on the coveralls themselves this year. I took in the sleeves more, removed the velcro patch, actually tailored it to my waist, “distressed” it with watered down acrylic black paint, and added the Chinese characters with black sharpie (tutorials here and here).


Samantha Carter – SG1

The tutorial to follow for any Stargate SG1 costume is here. I chose navy BDUs from Quartermaster because my favorite color is blue. The green might be more iconic… The wig is Arda Hansel SILKY in Sandstone. I bought hiking boots because I needed them for an upcoming trip, and the shoes suggested in the tutorial were about the same price. I absolutely loved this costume. The wig made me miss my pixie cut. I was so comfortable, and had so many useful pockets! No one recognized me, but I was mostly dancing in dimly lit rooms and eventually had to take the jacket off. Being able to do this costume was a dream come true for me, and it will definitely be worn again.

Stay tuned for posts on Raven and Robin, Violet Evergarden, Usagi Tsukino, Wynonna Earp, and Doctor Donna!


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