I’m seeing a lot of #fallforcosplay posts, and I’m hoping that next year I’ll have enough to do a whole month of posts. I may never have entries for lace and Victorian though… unless it’s lace that can be crocheted or knit.

Part of the charm of Dragoncon is that the party doesn’t stop, so if you’re staying in a host hotel, there are still thousands of people in costume in your hotel late into the night. I love costuming, but after about 6 pm, I don’t want to carry any props or have my movement restricted. One of my easy, night costumes was Raven, and my husband was Robin. I follow Gabriel Picolo on Instagram, and loved his Teen Titans drawings. Still waiting on the Raven hoodie he has planned!



Not shown: a really cool raven ring on my other hand. I used my Cricut and heat transfer vinyl to make her shirt. The letters were really tiny and finicky, but I’m pretty happy with the result. The wig is Arda Wigs Virginia CLASSIC in Ultraviolet. The boots are Doc Martens and everything else is off of Amazon. The jewel was my first experience using Spirit Gum (which is why it’s a little lower than I would have liked). My husband already had the red Converse from last year’s Marco costume. The letter jacket and iron on Robin patch we ordered off Amazon. We’re still working on making a mask that he is comfortable wearing with his glasses. It was a simple, comfortable solution to wear on Thursday night. My husband would not have been comfortable on hotter, more crowded nights later in the weekend. Also, I had to go take a nap (I didn’t sleep well leading up to con), and while I was gone, people kept asking if he was from Riverdale!



It’s hard for me to pick a favorite costume, but between the Catherine Tate panel and my husband dressing up as the 10th doctor, the Doctor Donna is probably it. Again, the red converse came in handy, and my husband already had a burgundy tie and white shirt. He reluctantly agreed to let me gel his hair. The suit and props he got off Amazon. (It was way too hot for the trench coat.)



I got the veil and pearl wire off of Amazon, and hot glued them together. I borrowed the wig from a friend, but it is most likely an Arda wig as well. Not shown: white flats off of Amazon, because I wasn’t doing heels.

My dress is from eShakti, and I hand glued around to a thousand rhinestones on the front of the bodice. $60 for a wedding dress that didn’t need to be tailored at all – what a deal! Rhinestones and glue were maybe another $15.

Catherine Tate’s reaction to pockets in my Donna Noble dress.

And here I am on stage with Catherine Tate, dressed as one of her characters. In this Doctor Who episode, Donna Noble complains about the lack of pockets in her wedding dress, but my dress had pockets! My husband and I did these costumes because it was announced that Catherine Tate would be at Dragoncon, so this was a dream come true.

Me trying to look calm while being hugged by Catherine Tate.

A lot of people get married at Dragoncon, so we got a lot of congratulations from people who didn’t recognize the costume. It got to the point that we just started accepting them, rather than explain because people were so excited about a Dragoncon wedding!


Stay tuned for Violet Evergarden, Usagi Tsukino, and Wynonna Earp!


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