Happy Halloween! I figured my last Dragoncon 2018 cosplay post was a good one to post today.

I absolutely loved my Violet Evergarden costume. I loved the series (and the special episode Netflix recently put out), and I hope the novel is eventually translated into English. As soon as I saw her braid buns, I started wearing them. (I love hairstyles that get my hair off my neck. I have a lot of hair, and the Atlanta summer is no joke.) I just needed a bangs hairpiece and the ribbons for the costume.


I bought the majority of the costume off of Amazon. They have a ton of popular Anime costumes – I found it looking for my husband’s Deku. This is why I can’t finish my costumes early – I started this a week before con, because I had nothing else to work on. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality except for a few minor inaccuracies (for example, the jacket had 2 straps instead of one). I might take the time to upgrade the button this year, as well as buying her school pin.



I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the brooch that came with the costume. I had already ordered a replacement off of Ebay, because a review said the costume didn’t come with the brooch. The Ebay one had a slightly higher quality “stone” and a better bolo, so I went with that one.


I already had the boots – I wear them with my Sophie (Howl’s Moving Castle) costume. Her boots have heels and twisting laces, but I was pressed for time and wasn’t about to wear heels around con. I added the ribbons myself, and the boots had snaps (for folding the tops down) that held the ribbons in place.

“She fights things, right?”

The gloves were my favorite part! It was my first real foam craft, and my wiser, more-experienced-with-foam friend didn’t think I had the time to pull them off. I am really really pleased with how they came out. I used scrap craft foam I had from making the Star Butterfly prop, an xacto knife, and a heat gun to make all the pieces. If you’re interested in a pattern for the foam pieces, let me know! I just free handed them based on photos, but I could retroactively make a pattern. I should have sealed the pieces, but didn’t. I painted them with plain black acrylic paint. After it dried, I glued them to a spandex glove with Gorilla clear grip contact adhesive, then dry brushed with DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Shimmering Silver Acrylic Paint. Then I used the black to cover up where I accidentally dry brushed the gloves a couple times.


My next costume was Usagi Tsukino/casual Sailor Moon. I still had the wig from my first ever costume, and I wanted something comfortable for a night costume. Plus, it was a great excuse to buy the Luna purse I’ve had my eye on for a while. I was inspired by this lookbook – episode 17.


The hooded, sleeveless tee is from Amazon, and I had the socks from my Star Butterfly costume. I got the individual necklace pieces off of Etsy, and put them together myself. It was easy, and probably saved me about $40 or more. I spent days searching for the dress, hoping for a denim one. This one was the closest I got, and I had to take in the waist significantly. Luckily, the skirt length was just right. Finally, it turns out keds make great dancing shoes!


My last costume of Dragoncon 2018 was Wynonna Earp. I only wore it for a few hours on the one day I tried to do 3 costumes. I was happy with the result, but it was a pain to wear and I was rushed doing so many costumes. I hated the way the wig hung in my face, I don’t advise wearing a leather jacket in Atlanta in September, and Melanie Scrofano must keep her gun belt at a jaunty angle with magic.


The leather jacket, fake bullets, and necklace I got off of Etsy. I already owned the jeans, and I got the gun belt off of Amazon. I had to cut the thread tying the bullet straps to the belt to fit the bullets, and used fashion tape to keep them in securely the day of. The boots are Report Women’s Huck Motorcycle Boot, because finding the show accurate boots is possible, but very expensive in my size. The wig is Arda wig’s Grace CLASSIC in Chocolate. It had more of a red hue in person than I expected.


I got the show-accurate “Whiskey made me do it” t-shirt off of Amazon. For the gun, I got a replica peacemaker off of Ebay, and painted the handle white and the runes on the barrel using Testors Enamel Paint. Luckily, the glowing tip also worked as an orange tip, so all I had to do was get the trigger peace tied.


I’ll be moving soon, so I’ll probably be posting less frequently. I’ll have lots of knitting to share soon, and might even do a post on Moravian cookies! My costuming projects should start again in earnest once I have a new craft room setup, so stay tuned if you liked this one!



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