For Christmas 2013, my soon-to-be sister-in-law, Lauren, gave me the kit for Crochet Cuties: Tips and Techniques for Fun Amigurumi Projects by Elizabeth Corbin. I remember sitting on the couch repeatedly watching a YouTube tutorial for a magic circle, until I managed to get something that worked. Thanks to a blizzard, I had several vacation days to work… and I was hooked. (Pun intended.)

And thus, Ferdinand the Frog was born.


At the time, I was in the throes of a depressive episode and suffering from undiagnosed GAD. I’ve always been artsy and craftsy, but I had stopped painting, drawing, taking photos, and creating due to the cost of materials and unchecked perfectionism. Kathryn Vercillo explores crochet as a method of healing in her book Crochet Saved My Life and Nick Offerman explains the need to make very well here:

But all I knew was I couldn’t get enough of crochet. The sense of accomplishment that came with each completed project (even the wonkiest ones like Ferd) gave me self-confidence that was sorely needed. The fact that I could make useful items for myself and my loved ones kept me coming back.

My husband, Matt, deserves so much credit for joyfully loving every lopsided thing I made for him in the very beginning.

Unlike other hobbies I had explored, no one else in my life crocheted (except for Lauren, who lived about a thousand miles away at the time). After she taught me single crochet, I learned everything else through online tutorials and trial and error. This process gave me the confidence to dive in head-first to many other hobbies that I couldn’t imagine my life without today – like bullet journal, paper crafting, cosplaying, and being a DM.

I’ve started this blog not only as an outlet for my passion for my hobbies, but to show that imperfect beginnings are something to enjoy. Creating brings joy, and if you’re as addicted to social media as I am, it can be hard to remember that people curate their pages to show them at their best. Every beautiful project involved some frogging to fix mistakes. Ferd, as lopsided as he is, was the imperfect beginning to a lifelong love.

Thanks for the book Lauren.


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